“Marketing without data is like driving a car with your eyes closed.

Dan Zarrella nailed it with this quote. There is nothing more relevant than using data to guide content creation and promotion.

EpicBeat’s content insights feature does just that. By translating terabytes of content locked within our systems into actionable insights, it provides prescriptive guidance on what to create and where to promote.

Our latest update takes that analysis to the next level.

“Listicles could seem like a great choice because they account for majority of the content created but looking at the same data from the context of engagement could suggest that podcasts give better results.”

Improving content insights was all about realizations like this one. With this update, we dissect content data on multiple levels to coax it into revealing more than surface level insights.

Identify top topics and themes

Zeroing in on the right theme for your audience depends on choosing the right sort and filter combinations that take you to the top posts in your industry. EpicBeat’s latest update shortens your discovery phase by extracting the most popular topics for your selected search term or industry. Be inspired, pick a few and get started on your own piece.

Identify top topics and themes_EpicBeat Content Insights Update

Evaluate content popularity by publishing frequency and engagement

Your content calendar is the result of extensive research about ideal types, topics and content formats that work for your audience. Content insights add an additional perspective to the analysis by showcasing topic performance based on publishing frequency as well as engagement received, across a number of parameters.

Ideal formats and content types


Content insights now show you the engagement received by each content format or type. As a result, your decision to choose a particular format isn’t solely dependent on the number of publications but also factors in audience response.

Break through the clutter by finding new and engaging formats. Identify alternate content formats and types that move the reader into responding. It marks the difference between being a well-published brand or becoming a well-remembered one.

Data-Powered Content Insights For Better Marketing_Content format and type

Improved text analysis


The same logic holds true for text analysis as well. Majority of the published content could fall in a particular word-count range but what if the audience reacts better to another word-count?

Content insights show you the ideal word-count, sentiment or reading level by publishing frequency as well as engagement.

Here’s a great example of why this additional level of analysis matters.

EpicBeat Content Insights Update_Improved text analysis

A search on the topic of fitness reveals that majority of the content pieces have moderate reading levels. But the engagement chart shows that the audience is a lot more interested in biting into heavy-duty content! If you’re interested in writing about fitness, it might make sense to do a serious deep-delve into the topic to get noticed by your audience.

Find top authors

Get a list of the top 25 authors you should connect with, to grow your own network. The engagement numbers next to each author give you the cumulative shares, comments and likes received for their articles across networks.

Data-Powered Content Insights For Better Marketing_Top authors

Identify top domains

Knowing where to promote your content is just as important as creating it. Content insights break down top content published for a topic by popular content hubs as well as by independent publishers. Getting this additional level of insight allows you to refine your content strategy by choosing where else to publish (apart from your own web properties) as well as the top 25 sites to turn to for inspiration.

Data-Powered Content Insights For Better Marketing_Top domains

Know where to promote

Content insights previously showed you popular days to publish content around a specific topic. We’ve taken that analysis a level further by showing you popular days to publish each content format as well. 

Data-Powered Content Insights For Better Marketing_where to promote

Bonus Feature: Retain context of your search

It’s tedious to move between tabs when you’re in the middle of your search. Which is why EpicBeat now intelligently retains the context of your search.

If you’re using EpicBeat for influencer research and modify your query in the search bar, you remain on the influencer tab instead of moving to the content tab. So you spend less time clicking and more time finding exactly what you’re looking for.


Get your hands on an EpicBeat subscription to try all these features yourself. Do let us know what you love (or even hate) about the new features by dropping us a tweet. We’d love to know!