The shutdown of Topsy last month brought out mixed reactions from people. But now that the initial shock has passed, we’re faced with the next most probable question. What now?

EpicBeat is an alternative to Topsy that’s probably a better solution (we’re biased) to those interested in finding meaningful content, identifying top influencers and understanding audience behavior on Twitter (and seriously, who isn’t?). The cool part though is that EpicBeat isn’t just limited to Twitter but helps you extend your search to include other major social networks, too.

The most winning argument for EpicBeat as an alternative to Topsy is that just as Topsy allowed users to break through the clutter of Twitter to find relevant, meaningful content (and not just the highest numbers), EpicBeat helps users find the kind of content and influencers that are closest to their business need.

EpicBeat analyzes user behaviour and content engagement across social networks to bring you the top insights in two broad buckets: content research and influencer research.

Content Research

If you’re looking to find the most relevant content about a specific topic that has been shared across social networks, just enter the term in the search bar and you’re set.

The search results show you all popular and relevant content that’s been shared for that topic across all popular social networks. You can refine your search by format or content type to get a better understanding of what works where. Sort the results by relevance, time of publishing, number of shares or any other of the many sort and filter options available to find content that’s most suited to your need.

EpicBeat:Search screen

The tool allows you to drill down into the numbers behind the results. For example, you can see all engagement scores computed across all the major networking sites so you have a more complete and comprehensive view of how it has performed. The Content Insights tab gives you a an even better idea of the kind of content and distribution strategy you should employ by pulling up readymade insights about the content for your specific topic of interest.
E.g., the results for a search on Internet of Things show Wednesday is the best day to publish and an ideal post, by engagement, has under 500 words.

EpicBeat: Content insights

Content is broken down and analyzed for sentiment to show you the general tone that is favored across articles for your chosen topic of interest.

EpicBeat even shows you the top sites that are posting content around your area of interest so you can either take inspiration from those sites or make them a part of your distribution strategy.

All of this helps give direction to the kind of content you need to produce to have an impact on your target audience.

Influencer Research

EpicBeat isn’t limited to just content research or insights around a particular topic. You can use it to identify top influencers and community behaviors that are driving conversations and engagement in your area of interest.

EpicBeat: Influencer sort

The Influencers tab shows you the top influencers for your topic of interest. You can filter results to find the kind of influencers you would like to engage with. Use it to find the profiles with the highest number of followers, number of retweets, or relevance to get to your specific target audience.

EpicBeat further categorizes influencers by persona so your results are more precise. All influencers are bucketed into 6 major personas and you can filter your results to reach ‘your kind of influencers’, drill down into their Twitter behavior (percentage of posts with links, if they post rich-media, if they retweet or reply) and get insights on how to engage them.

For our take on these personas and tips on how to engage with each of them, check out our short guide here.

EpicBeat: Influencer types

Power Of Content In The Context Of The Community

A real differentiator with EpicBeat is its Community Insights feature. EpicBeat combs through popular content shared by the larger community to broadly outline the kind of activity that is surrounding the topic. This helps further refine your content strategy by showing you what kind of tweets work best, what can help grow your network and the top personas (see Influencer Research above) you should target to build a stronger and more engaged community.

Bringing together insights from the content and community features of EpicBeat helps you be in a better position to formulate the right content and influencer strategy that’s guaranteed to make a stronger impact on your target audience.

Summing it up, here are all the cool things that EpicBeat lets you do like a boss.

  • Find all the relevant content that’s been shared for a particular topic, hashtag or domain across social networks
  • Identify top influencers who have been driving content popularity for your topic
  • Surface top insights that can help your content strategy – best days to publish, number of tweets to post, to post rich-media or a just a plain-text tweet
  • Provide content insights on what kind of content formats work on different networks
  • Break down community behavior to show you what kind of personas you need to engage with
  • Identify the top domains that are sharing content for a topic


You can check it out for yourself by going through one of the curated themes on the EpicBeat homepage (there are a range of interesting topics right from health and fitness to cloud computing). Or choose a topic that you’d like to know more about and, take it for a spin right here!

Do tweet to us about your experience using EpicBeat and how it’s helping you on your content journey. We’d love to know!