If the folks over at PwC knew a trip to the Oscars, some backstage tweets, and a wrongly handed out envelope could bruise an 83-year old relationship with the Academy, I bet they’d have been a tad more careful about that envelope.

A quick check on EpicTrack shows PwC got over 2.1K mentions in the last month. A whopping 50% of those mentions happened over the last three days and well, they’re not kind. Not at all.

While most of these mentions have high engagement scores, it isn’t the kind of coverage the brand would ever have wished for. Of course, they can’t do anything about the envelope now but listening to what’s being said about them is a good first step to a damage control strategy.

Brand monitoring is imperative in the digital context where every blog, niche or widely popular, has the potential to tarnish your brand rep and every smartphone wielding hipster is potential paparazzi. ??

So, how can a brand keep track of its mentions, the sentiment of those mentions, and the impact said mentions have on target audiences?

Enter EpicTrack!

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It’s surprising that a lot of the content around brand monitoring talks about how it is important to track and field any negative press that comes your way. The need for brand monitoring goes beyond identifying crisis situations and swooping in to do damage control. A much larger benefit of brand monitoring is to track your brand and its subsidiaries in order to identify and capitalize on what’s working for you.

What’s the buzz like?

Using EpicTrack for brand monitoring helps you monitor not just every mention that comes your way, but also see the performance of those mentions on social. Since tracks can cover mentions that are up to a year old, you can track engagement trends over a period of time. This way, you can zero in on the time periods that saw higher engagement scores and identify the publications or authors that worked better than the rest.

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How prominent were they?

David Ogilvy once said that 80 cents of your dollar is spent on the headline. Dwindling attention spans and an overload of content have made this statement a lot more relevant today. The value of your mention differs greatly depending on where it appears in the content.

Prominence scores on EpicTrack are dependent on placement. Any mention of your brand in the title or description text of an article is considered a high-prominence mention and accordingly carries a lot more weightage than a low-priority mention.

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I know what you’re thinking: “Even a small mention on a major blog can do wonders for your brand.” We concur!

P.S.: Keep reading. ?

What did it really get you?

Your PR team works their fingers to the bone and manages a spiffy mention on Forbes.

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Proud moment indeed.

But hey! A one-line mention in an industry influencer’s personal blog brought hordes of visitors back to your site. Suddenly, both those mentions are weighed a lot differently, aren’t they?

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By adding GA or other similar analytics to PR analysis, EpicTrack helps brands go one step further with their ROI analysis. It isn’t just about which publication or website mentioned you, it’s about understanding what that meant for you in terms of lead generation and conversions.

Who are your good samaritans?

EpicTrack shows you the top authors and domains that are your champions outside. This helps in forging ties with the people who can help catapult your brand’s image among your target audience.

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Further drill-downs help understand the kind of engagement brought in by each author and understand the kind of impact it had on the audience.

Where is it coming from?

And finally, to understand where your mentions are coming from: EpicTrack segregates your mentions by geography so you have a clear idea of where you’ve got maximum clout.

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This helps understand how well your PR strategy is working in your target locations and also reveals new geographies and markets that can be part of your expansion plan.

Engagement scores show you how your mentions are performing on popular social networks.

Brands aren’t built on what you have to say about yourself, they are built on what others have to say about you. Brand monitoring helps ensure that you get the right third-party references that can add credibility to your own claims.

What are you waiting for? Get tracking.

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