A white screen and a blinking cursor.

Looming larger, getting louder, staring and laughing at you. Blink. Blink. Blink.

Has it happened to you? Gnawed into your productivity? Made you want to pull your hair out?

How To Overcome An Epic Writer's Block_gif

If yes, read on. (If not, do share whatever sorcery has made that possible.)

The proverbial writer’s block is a favorite topic in content marketing circles. There are more than a few pieces that denounce its existence (*cough* writers are just lazy) and an equally impressive number that tell you “the <random favorite number> things that can cure writer’s block” in catchy Buzzfeed-esque conviction.

So, what can really cure this condition that plagues most writers?

The honest one-line answer to that question would be: “Nothing can. But there’s a way around it.”

Here are few of the things that help me maneuver my way out of a sticky writer’s block situation.

Cultivate a sense of discipline

While there is the easier option of sulking in a corner cursing writer’s block and wishing it would disappear, it doesn’t really solve the problem. The truth of the matter is that writing just like any other intense activity, requires a level of discipline. It demands that you show up every single day and make the effort, even if you aren’t feeling up to the task. Here’s an interesting post that reaffirmed my faith in the idea that the only thing worse than writing cringe-worthy content on an uninspiring day is not writing anything at all.

While not everything you write will turn out to be a piece of art, as long as you commit to writing something every single day; you’ll have more of those pieces that you can take pride in.

Believe in what you write

David Ogilvy’s famous quote from “Confessions of an Advertising man” still rings true, over 50 years after it was penned down.

While he wrote it in the context of advertising, it is just as relevant for the world of content as well. In order to create content that is useful to the audience and adds to their knowledge on the subject, you need to start from a vantage point of belief. Invariably, doubt in the value of a topic is what translates to a lack of inspiration to create.

If you don’t feel, don’t write (for a bit)

Try taking a break if you’re still not feeling up to it. I’ve always believed that the bigger chunk of the writing activity precedes the act itself. It is made up of a whole lot of research, conversations with people, a lot of data-crunching, and putting the pieces together to make the story.

On days when words just don’t cooperate, I spend my time gathering ammunition for the topic that I’m stuck on. This can have one of two outcomes, either of which are hugely beneficial:

  • It helps in reinforcing my faith in the idea by adding information and data-snippets that can corroborate my story
  • It shows me that my idea lacks pizzaz and that I should move on to something of greater value

Either option is great in my world because it helps me create better content.

Take inspiration from other sources with Watchlists

As a final release to unlock my blocked and clogged creative sentiments, I use these moments of drought (and self-doubt) to soak up inspiration from sources that I trust and follow. Professionally, this means lapping up content written by authors that I admire, from the industries that matter to me.

I’ve set up an EpicTrack Watchlist that covers major brands, content destinations, and authors that I look up to for inspiration. It acts as a daily newsfeed that I can go to whenever I’m at a loss for ideas.

EpicTrack Watchlist

A daily alert ensures that content gets delivered right to my inbox. Each EpicTrack subscription comes with a generous dollop of alerts that let you access all the content you need without even logging into the platform.

Get your hand on an EpicTrack trial to set up an inspirational Watchlist for yourself right away and bid adieu to that horrid writer’s block!

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