March 21st 2016, marks the launch of EpicBeat Plus – an upgraded version of EpicBeat, our content & influencer discovery tool.

When we released EpicBeat early last year, we knew we were solving a difficult problem. But the widespread support & feedback made us realize that it’s an immensely relevant problem that necessitates an even bigger solution. It made us think,

“What features must we incorporate to become a one-stop destination for writers and marketers interested in finding trends, identifying influencers and conducting topical research across platforms and industries?”

EpicBeat Plus is our answer to that question. With features that are a significant improvement over EpicBeat, the plus version opens a gamut of possibilities for the modern marketer and the informed writer.


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With EpicBeat Plus, you can:

Search for historical data (1 year)

Interested in tracing the growth of visual platforms as a channel for distribution over the previous year? Look no further.


Find trending content by country

Wondering which topics and authors are making waves in your target geography? It’s just a filter away.


Export content and influencers

Building a case on why to use a particular content format while posting on a specific channel? We’ve got you covered.


Identify industry-specific influencers across platforms

Find out who’s ruling YouTube, Instagram, Vine, Soundcloud, Facebook, Slideshare, Google Plus, and Twitter.


Get alerted about the latest content

Want to be alerted to every new post published by the top author in your industry? You’ve got it.


Collaborate with your team

Need to distribute content research for your next post between members in your team? It’s possible.


Sign up today to start your free trial of EpicBeat Plus.

We urge you to take it for a spin and try out all the new features. Tell us what you love, what you’d like changed or even a feature you think we should add! We assure you that every suggestion will be deliberated upon and every mail or tweet will be replied to.

As always, we can’t wait to have you on board.


Launch offer: Signing up for EpicBeat Plus by 16th May 2016 gets you 40% off on annual and 20% off on the monthly subscription. Check out all available plans here.