In 2011, Google announced Google Motion that let people write e-mails using hand gestures. No typing, no notes, nothing. Just a spatial tracking algorithm (that’s what they called it) that saw gestures and translated them into words.

The announcement was made on April 1st of the year.

We’re not Google. We have an announcement to make and it’s NOT an ‘Epic’ prank.

Come April 7th, 2017 EpicBeat will no longer be free.

EpicBeat Is Free No More

We’ll let you take a few minutes to let it soak in. Okay?

If you’re still here, screaming expletives, dilated pupils et al, here’s a little bit on the why.

👉 EpicBeat is a good product. He said it. She said it. He said it, too!

👉 We’ve spent the last year making EpicBeat a useful tool for all of you. We’ve spoken to a lot of you to understand what you love. We’ve wracked our brains fixing some of the things you didn’t like as much just so you have a content tool that you’d love to log into every morning. We’ve had fist-fights over what UX philosophy would make you log in many times every day.

👉 Good products take time, patience, blood, sweat, tears, and blue-burning passion to become ‘Holy s**t, this is mind-blowing!’. But they also need 💰.

We believe we’ve built a tool that helps writers and marketers across the globe save time, money, and effort. We think you’ll back us on that.

Signing up for an EpicBeat subscription by April 14th, 2017 gets you a 25% discount on the monthly and yearly plan.

That’s a little over $36 a month and just over a dollar a day. A buck a day to discover the best content in your industry, to get insights and valuable dope on what’s working for your audience, to find the top influencers in your genre, and much more isn’t too much to shell out, is it?

So let’s get you started. Click here to sign up for EpicBeat at this discount.

Think we’ve gone off our rocker with this move and want to scream at us for making it? Click here to tell us why and we may have a surprise for you.