Ever wondered what happens in an online minute?

  • Over 3 million searches on Google.
  • Over 200 million e-mails sent.
  • Over 1000 posts on WordPress.

And we’re not even going to talk about all that transpires on social media!

Every marketer worth their CMAs 🏆 is creating content in some shape or form. Yet measuring content marketing ROI is one of the top most challenges faced by B2B and B2C marketers across industry verticals and countries.

We decided to fix this problem. Our latest product, EpicTrack, not only tracks and monitors your own content across digital channels but also lets you track competitors and other relevant industry players.

We can barely wait for you to give EpicTrack a spin right away or get a personalized tour before you dive in.

For those who are cautiously optimistic, here’s the quick and dirty of what Track offers and how!

Track, Monitor And Measure Content Marketing ROI With EpicTrack

Owned Content Tracks

Ideal for brand and product marketers, Owned tracks let you monitor content across brands and products, helping you get to topics, formats and content types that engage and convert the most. But we aren’t just talking about tracking engagement.

A recent Twitter chat we participated in had more than a handful marketers state that accurately tracking content conversion was one of their biggest concerns. By adding Google Analytics (GA) to the owned content analysis, EpicTrack gives a whole new meaning to content conversion. It gives you the ability to look at how your content is performing right through engagement up to actual visitors and clicks to your website.

Track, Monitor And Measure Content Marketing ROI With EpicTrack_Content

EpicTrack also lets you do in-depth analysis of what works for your competition. You can use Owned tracks to track content created by your competition and understand what’s working for you versus them. While EpicTrack leaves GA out of the analysis for competition, it still gives you a peek into every visible, trackable metric for your competition.

Mention Tracks

Adding much needed ammo to your understanding of a brand in its digital environs, is EpicTrack’s earned content module. No monitoring activity can be complete without tracking what’s being written about the brand by publishers, analysts and other third-party sources across geographies.

Track, Monitor And Measure Content Marketing ROI With EpicTrack_Mentions

Once configured, EpicTrack’s earned content module scans the web to find mentions of your brand and its product subsidiaries revealing your champions across the globe. Staying true to its promise of giving you 360 degree coverage, EpicTrack extends this analysis to your competition as well. This gives you an idea of all the mentions your top competitor/ competitors have been getting so you can figure out what you’ve been missing out on.


Where do you go to seek content inspiration? Who are those stellar content producers that deserve a place in your marketing hall of fame?

We’re sure there are more than a few names you can think of. But tracking their content on a daily or weekly basis can be quite a chore. We found a way out of that pickle too.

Track, Monitor And Measure Content Marketing ROI With EpicTrack_Watchlists

Watchlists let you configure entire topics, industries or brand destinations that you look up to for inspiration. Use the insights gleaned from these tracks to create or even just curate better content on your own destinations.

But we saved the best for the last. The unique thing about EpicTrack is that you get to choose what you want to track.

  • Interested in purely tracking brand produced content? Use all your tracks to configure owned content across your own brand and every fathomable competitor.
  • Interested in tracking PR? Configure mention tracks for all possible product variants and across geographies that matter.
  • Looking to be wholly and completely inspired? Fill your stream quota up with watchlists that scan every topic you can lay your hands on. Slurp!

Are you as excited as we are? Let’s get tracking!


We have an amazing launch discount on EpicTrack currently, which includes a 14-day free trial. Sign up right away or get in touch with us here.