The first step in learning to ride a bicycle is getting rid of the training wheels. The bruises follow soon after but so does the sheer euphoria of that first ride. History has been witness to mankind’s fascination for increased efficiency in movement. We’ve gone from unicycles to the Hennessey Venom GT. We were engineered with a hunger for progress. And true to our insatiable quest for moving forward, this is our, Epictions’, next big step.

Our website is a postcard of our vision for the future: to make content less elusive and more measurable for every marketer and PR professional. The bold new design is our take on the future of marketing – brave, confident and full of possibilities. We thank you for taking this leap with us as we impactfully disrupt the world of digital PR and content marketing.

2015 was a year of epic proportions and we don’t use that word lightly. Really.

We launched EpicBrandz as a testimony to our commitment to our belief in the future of Content Marketing. EpicBeat followed soon after and we were humbled by the love and acceptance we got from all corners of the globe (here’s some of the great stuff that came our way). The launch of EpicEnterprise took things to an entirely new level and between the 60 million pieces of content analyzed, 22 million influencers identified, and 200 billion social interactions (so far) mined for insights, our new year is blooming with promise.

Steve Jobs once said that the computer is the bicycle of the mind. Just as locomotors enable man to move with greater efficiency, computers empower us to be faster, work with greater efficiency and be better. That’s our dream for the modern marketer.

The wheels are off and we urge you – the wordsmiths, the image makers, the brand builders, the ideators, the data wizards, the social trendsetters – to join us on the ride. We promise we’ll make it worth your while.


Abhay Dubey

CEO, Epictions