Fashion trends change every season. What doesn’t change is the need to stay relevant in the minds of a discerning audience that has more than a lot to choose from.

What does that translate to in the context of digital marketing?

If the social updates are anything to go by, fashion is one of the most popular topics and generates the highest number of conversations. This realization piqued our interest in the topic and we did a little digging (still digging, btw).

We bring you our findings in a two-part series:

Our first post delves into the labels and influencers that are making waves in the world of fashion and digital marketing. Our follow up post digs deeper into the world of influencers to identify patterns and people worth looking into.

So, without further ado, here goes.

How Digital Marketing Is Redefining The Fashion Industry_Infographic



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Look who’s ruling Instagram

Instagram and Pinterest are jointly overtaking Facebook and Twitter as ‘the’ places to be. With 300 million active users, over 30 billion photos posted and an average of 70 million photos each day, if you’re a brand that wants to capture a huge and active user base, you better up your Insta-quotient.

Here are the top brands that have done a good job of capturing audience’s attention on Instagram categorized by follower count as well as hashtag mentions.

By follower count:

Instagram: Nike  Instagram: Chanel  Instagram: Adidas

Instagram: Louis Vuitton  Instagram: Forever21  Instagram: Dior

By hashtag mentions:

Nike on Instagram

Prada on Instagram

Gucci on Instagram

Dior on Instagram

Hermes on Instagram

Fendi on Instagram

Brand awareness versus Brand advocacy

Our analysis got even more interesting once we turned to YouTube. While top brands get consistent activity on their channels, it looked like individual fashion bloggers were acing the channel in every sense- right from video views, subscriber numbers and engagement metrics.

The kind of reach these bloggers wield is extensive and their influence over the audience is immense. It makes you wonder-

Does it make more sense for brands that invest heavily in YouTube, to spend dollars to create ad campaigns or to would it suit them better to identify top influencers who could get them a whole lot more?

We’ve got a data-driven answer for you.

“The top fashion influencers on YouTube, individually, have more subscribers than all top 3 fashion brands on the channel, put together.”

Chanel on YouTube  Dior on YouTube  Burberry on YouTube

Here’s a look at the fashion bloggers who are ruling YouTube (and how)!

Zoella-Youtube Influencers  Bethany Mota-Youtube Influencers

Michelle Phan-Youtube Influencers  Marzia-Youtube Influencers

Who is the ‘right’ influencer for your brand?

It’s evident that these bloggers are huge brands in themselves. There are a large number of fashion influencers on YouTube and they cater to legions of fans who follow their every move.

We bucketed these fashion influencers into three distinct categories:

Crème de la crème

These bluebloods have spheres of influence that are unimaginably ginormous (we’re talking upwards of a few million subscribers). Some of these influencers have morphed into brands in themselves and have fashion labels vying for a spot on their channel or a picture that endorses their products.

Social bees

Second level influencers who are extremely active and have large a enough follower base, but still fall in the individual blogger category. Their sites and social media pages are still a lot more about them, than about their endorsements and brand deals.

Clique rulers

The third are the up and coming bloggers who are sensations in their specific markets but haven’t made as much a mark on the global scene.

Since all three groups wield heavy influence over their followers, what makes more sense for brands- focussing on working with the top influencers or going for a mix of the the next level of influencers who come with a significantly large influence too but have more time to invest for your brand and come at smaller budgets?

Watch out for Part 2 where we’ll use data to answer that question.


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