Britain decided to exit the European Union on 24th June. The move triggered a lot of reactions worldwide, even leading to a new portmanteau in the form of Brexit: Britain+Exit. We used EpicBeat to analyse the most interesting takes.

People immediately regretted the move

Buzzfeed article 27 Brexit Tweets Guaranteed To Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Probably Both has the some of the best reactions from social media.

A lot of people who voted to leave regretted the decision later. Check out the video on 9news’s Brexit: Voters filled with regret after choosing ‘Leave’.

Articles with negative sentiment were shared more

EpicBeat search for “Brexit AND (regret OR sad OR worried)” reveals that the articles during past week got 64 shares per post and 210.3 applause points per post.

However, articles that mentioned positive words along with Brexit were shared far less. Articles containing Brexit along with happy/celebrate/celebrating got only 22.1 shares per post and 71.9 applause points per post.

Brexit Sentiment Comparison

Economy was discussed more than immigration

While immigration was reported as the top issue behind people’s vote, the media highlighted finance and business more prominently while mentioning Brexit, in the days leading up to the poll.

EpicBeat search for “Brexit AND (economy OR business)” between March 1 and June 24 reports 4.6k results.

Search for “Brexit AND (immigration OR migration)” returns just 991 results. Search for” Brexit AND unemployment” has 76 results.

Guess which US(presumptive) Presidential Candidate made a lot of headlines

Guessed Donald Trump?

You’re absolutely correct!

Donald Trump tweeted how Scotland took back their country. The problem was, Scotland didn’t do that! They voted in favour of staying. There were a lot of replies on Twitter highlighting this fact. In fact, an article on is the most popular on EpicBeat with 20.2K shares.

Mashable article Donald Trump’s first tweet about Brexit got shut down immediately was the second most popular article with 7K shares.

Mr. Trump never fails to make it to headlines. Click image to see complete results.

Mr. Trump never fails to make it to headlines! Click image to see complete results.

These were the top 4 insights we discovered using EpicBeat. For more insights or Brexit or any other topic, check out EpicBeat today.