Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 Billion yesterday. Even with WWDC and E3 going on, this has generated a lot of buzz around the web.

We analysed 1.7K top articles using EpicBeat to understand what people thought about the acquisition.

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Most Shared Content

Microsoft to buy LinkedIn for $26bn by BBC News was the most shared article with 5.3k shares, followed by Microsoft and LinkedIn’s own announcement posts.

Top Shared Authors

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The top authors by shares for past 3 days were:

  1. Tom Warren, The Verge
  2. Matt Weinberger, Business Insider
  3. Sarah McBride, Reuters

Interesting Takes

While a majority of the articles just broke the news and referenced CEO mails, these three had unique perspectives on the acquisition.

NY Times: One Unspoken Reason Behind the LinkedIn Sale

Andrew Ross Sorkin argues that it was the decreasing stock price and threat of churn that made LinkedIn, well, link in to Microsoft. While LinkedIn declined to comment, this sounds plausible.

PC World: Why Microsoft bought LinkedIn for $26 billion, in one word: Cortana

Here’s an interesting observation by Mark Hachman:

Microsoft spent $26.1 billion to ensure that you’ll never walk into a meeting “cold” again.

If Cortana already knows the people you are about to meet, it may end up making Microsoft’s virtual assistant the front runner with enterprise users.

Recode: Here are three scary reasons why LinkedIn sold to Microsoft for $26 billion

This article by Kurt Wagner mentions stock prices as well as slowing ad business and concerns about growth.

The Buzz On Twitter

Can’t forget Twitter for funny takes on everything, can we?

Key Insight: People are largely optimistic about this acquisition

While there are lot of critical takes about the acquisition, the overall sentiment is more or less positive.

EpicBeat’s text analysis tells us that when people talk about LinkedIn, sentiment is 39% positive and 17.7% negative.

For Microsoft, it is just 14.9% positive and 23.1% negative.

When LinkedIn and Microsoft are mentioned together, sentiment is 31.8% positive and just 5.4% negative.

Microsoft LinkedIn Graph


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