As with other crazy social and cultural events that set the Internet buzzing, we have been tracking Pokemon Go. Here’s the most popular, craziest, wackiest, most unbelievably bizarre stories that we spotted on EpicBeat in the last 20 days. ?

It’s More Popular Than Tinder

It’s clear that people pick hunting Pokemon over hooking up. According to Gizmodo,  5% of all Android devices worldwide have Pokemon Go installed compared to Tinder’s measly 2%. ?

Pokemon Go Gets More Daily Active Users Than Twitter

Pokemon Go brings more bad news for Jack and company. With more daily active users than Twitter, Pokemon Go has got analysts concerned over drops in traffic to social media and messaging apps. ?

Pokemon Players Ventured Into (Real) Minefields

In Bosnia, a demining charity published a warning after some gamers were reported to have ventured to the north of Posavina looking for Pokemon. Apparently, the area still has active mines left over from the war of 1992. Looks like the Bosnian government’s gotta patch’em all now. ?

People Actually Got Robbed

Your hunt for Pokemon may lead you to the shadier parts of town. In Missouri, four really innovative muggers used people straying off the safe path to find players and then rob them! ??

Man Stopped In Middle Of Highway To Catch Pikachu, Caused Major Accident

“Sh*t if you wanna catch them all you gotta risk it all so I put my car in park and started tossing these balls” – 26-year old man who stopped in the middle of the highway in Massachusetts. ?


Oregon Man Kept Playing After Getting Stabbed

According to the police, he refused medical treatment and continued playing because you “gotta catch them all”. ?

People Paid A Dog Shelter To Walk Dogs ?

Indiana’s Muncie Animal Shelter put up a Facebook Ad on their page asking players to take dogs for a walk while hunting Pokemon. The ad went viral and got more than 25K shares.

Image Credit: Piotr Grabiec

Image Credit: Piotr Grabiec

The Trump Campaign’s Crooked Hillary Ad Got 12 Million Views ?

Donald Trump’s campaign released a Pokemon parody ad targeting Hillary Clinton. It was a raging hit and led to a lot of people asking if there could be a full fledged app for it!

Nintendo’s Market Cap Almost Doubled…

And then fell 18% after investors realised that Nintendo actually didn’t make the game.

The Pokemon Go madness is credited to Niantic, a company that’s partially owned by Nintendo. Per The Verge, investors realised that little fact much later. ??

And Then This Happened.

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