Guest Post by Matt Banner

Matt is the author of On Blast Blog, a destination for bloggers looking to find tips, techniques and proven strategies to build an online following. He is a seasoned marketing guru whose work has been mentioned on Forbes, Huffington Post, Entrepreneur, among others. 

In recent years, brands have begun to see the potential for social media marketing if they collaborate with influencers in their industry. With huge returns on their investments, and a wide reach, this type of marketing is something every business and brand should be doing.

Huge Returns On Social Media

By connecting and engaging with influencers on social media, you can gain powerful allies that will skyrocket your returns. Channels like Facebook, Instagram and YouTube have a huge user base across geographies. Newer platforms like Snapchat and Pinterest are also gaining prominence as preferred destinations for brands interested in reaching a wider target audience.

Seasoned Marketing

Many influencers began as online bloggers who sought out a resource for before building a blog and gained a huge following as they became the sole source of credible information or opinions on products. Influencers have mastered the art of marketing and writing compelling posts. Their talent can fuel your social media marketing efforts.

The days of posting and forgetting about it are over. Now brands need to find new and clever ways to utilize social media platforms. Check out the infographic below to find out how you can elevate and optimize your efforts on today’s platforms.

How Brands Should Use Social Media

While these insights are relevant to all content on social media, tools like EpicBeat show you what works best for your industry. Here are some of the insights it brings you:

  • Content insights show you what works well and which social media platforms you should focus on. Pick a topic of your choice and run a search to understand top formats, narrative structures, top authors and domains that you can go to for inspiration.  Sort your results by engagement received on a particular network to create content that is optimized for each channel.
  • Community insights guide you on the ideal number of tweets to publish, what kind of influencers to focus on.
  • EpicBeat’s Multi-channel influencer tab show you influencers across top social channels. You can search for influencers by country or persona to refine your search even further. Finding the right influencers to take your message to a wider audience is critical for social media success.


If you’re looking to build your content strategy with a focus on social media, use EpicBeat to gauge which content works best and to identify the influencers who can magnify your reach among the target audience. Sounds interesting? Try it right away.