Design is not just what it looks and feels like. Design is how it works. – Steve Jobs


Pretty sure Steve was on to something with the quote above. Look at any modern business business and you realize UX is now the strategy and architecture is the consequence, not the other way around.

At Epictions, we obsess over user experience, most times getting into heated debates about which school of design is more user-centric or say, minimalist design vs. frictionless UX. One such debate happened to be about the top UX experts in the world. Using EpicBeat, we came up with a list of 8 UX experts that command significant social popularity ranked by the size of their herds.

Scroll down for some snackable metrics on these leaders.

Arun Pattnaik @arunpattnaik

One of the most popular designers on the list, Arun leads UX design at BrowserStack. His love for startups also led him to start FoundedInIndia, a hub for innovative startups springing from India.

Arun Pattnaik

Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 369.1K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 13.7K

 Average Tweets Per Day: 1.9

 Average Retweet: 36

 Tweets with links: 84%

 Tweets with rich-media: 15.1%

 Reply Ratio: 75%

 Influencer Persona Type: Responder


Scott Kelby @ScottKelby

Scott is a Photoshop veteran. Known as the Original Photoshop Guy, his website, KelbyOne, is a one stop destination for people who want to learn Photoshop better – directly from the experts.

Scott Kelby

Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 259.6K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 865.4

 Average Tweets Per Day: 3.9

 Average Retweet: 3.3

 Tweets with links: 95.5%

 Tweets with rich-media: 6%

 Reply Ratio: 55.5%

 Influencer Persona Type: Responder


Andrew Yochum @yochum

Andrew is the Director Of Technology at Sanborn Media Factory, an interactive agency out of New York. He has an interest in photography. Yes, design and UX, too.

Andrew Yochum

Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 166K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 1.4

 Average Tweets Per Day: 6.2

 Average Retweets: 2.6

 Tweets with links: 100%

 Tweets with rich-media: 0%

 Influencer Persona Type: Reciprocal Follower


Robert Greene @studiomiles

Robert is a senior media consultant with Part Time Web Design where he helps clients improve their web presence. He’s also passionate about photography.


Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 114.1K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 8.5

 Average Tweets Per Day: 3.8

 Average Retweet: 0.1

 Tweets with links: 100%

 Tweets with rich-media: 0%

 Retweet Ratio: 90.1%

 Influencer Persona Type: Retweeter


Ethan Marcotte @beep

An independent designer with a fascination for the interplay between good design and well written code, he’s also a celebrated speaker and author.


Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 68.8K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 154

 Average Tweets Per Day: 12.2

 Average Retweet: 2

 Tweets with links: 96.5%

 Tweets with rich-media: 0%

 Reply Ratio: 75.5%

 Influencer Persona Type: Responder


Thomas Marzano @ThomasMarzano

Thomas is the Global Head of Brand Design for Philips. He also has an active blog that chronicles his thoughts on social media, photography and design.


Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 44.2K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 4.4

 Average Tweets Per Day: 53.7

 Average Retweet: 0.8

 Tweets with links: 88.5%

 Tweets with rich-media: 12.4%

 Reply Ratio: 68%

 Influencer Persona Type: Responder


Julieanne Kost @julieannekost

Juileanne is a Photoshop and Lightroom evangelist and has an exclusive Adobe blogpage that gives out tips and techniques on how to use their tools better. She’s also a contributing author to popular online design blogs.


Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 38.3K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 547.2

 Average Tweets Per Day: 0.7

 Average Retweet: 5.6

 Tweets with links: 100%

 Tweets with rich-media: 0%

 Influencer Persona Type: Promoter



Nicole S. Young @nicolesy

Nicole is an art and photography lover who has authored many books on what makes design beautiful. Check out her page if you’re looking for some design inspiration or if you want to get better at photography.


Social Stats as on 5th May 2015

 Follower Count: 26.1K

 Follower- Following Ratio: 18.1

 Average Tweets Per Day: 5.8

 Average Retweet: 1

 Tweets with links: 95%

 Tweets with rich-media: 62.4%

 Influencer Persona Type: Curator




To see why the Super 8 above made the cut, see the Influencers tab on EpicBeat.